Luda's Business


Productions of Energy pipelines

Luda Development Limited

Luda Development Limited established in 1977, is China and Southeast Asia's first export of stainless steel flanges, fittings, valves, steel companies, the products are sold to over 60 countries and is the largest exporter of the same field in China and Southeast Asia one. Program in 2018 listed on the main board of Hong Kong stock market. In China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe has a factory and is still constantly buying new plant in China to increase our production capacity, the number of branch offices around the world every year. The major products for the oil companies, oil refineries, chemical companies, shipbuilding companies, food processing plants, nuclear power engineering, hydraulic engineering, underground gas pipeline project and other related projects. "Luda" is the one of largest manufacturer of the same field in China with turnover of RMB 1 billion per year.
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Luda (Taian) Industrial Co. Ltd.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Luda Development Limited, the first research and development and production of stainless steel, carbon steel flanges, pipe fittings manufacturer in China. The company have multiple patented inventions, intelligent automation environmental equipments.
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Luda Nigeria Limited

A joint venture between Luda Development Limited in Hong Kong with local company to establish production plant to manufacturer carbon steel pipe flanges of the company, is currently the only company in this field of African producers.
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Luda Malaysia Limited

A joint venture between Luda Development Limited in Hong Kong with a local company to establish production plant to manufacturer stainless steel flange pipe fittings manufacturer, is currently the only one of Malaysia's manufacturing enterprises in this field.
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Logistics Services

Taian Luda Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Taian Luda Import and Export Co. Ltd. engages in import and export of various types of product as its major business with "One-Stop Services" of variety of products, customs clearance, freight forwarding.
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E-Commerence Hong Kong Holdings Limtied Hong Kong Holdings Limited is engaged in investment of various types of business, its one of the investment business - online exclusive sales agent in China of over 30 overseas listed brand of cosmetics business - UCO, plan at the end of 2017 as the stocks listed in the United States. In addition, the transaction amounted to billions per year in Hong Kong Stock Exchange with major listed companies.


Financial Investments and Asset Managements

FT Foundation Asset Management Company Limited

Having multiple funds for investment in different industries with stable growth.
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Commerical Services

Ocean Sky Ships Limited

Mainly engaged in the investment of ship berths, ships, private yachts and other investment services.
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Pharmaceutical Business

Sunflower Global Pharmacal Limited

Cooperate with the Chinese mainland A-share listed companies, mainly engaged in pharmaceutical investments and sales.
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